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company overview

PT Khaimar Indo Freight (KIF Mover & Log) was established to provide excellent management around the wide scope of Moving services, Freight Forwarding and Land Truck Transportations. Founded by young executives Harli Abdul Rahman (CEO). KIF Movers & Log aims to lead the global marketplace as an integrated logistics support provider.

As the successor of Harita Antar Samudera (HAS) Logistics, KIF Mover & Log offer global logistics and local services to our customers around the world & nation, which include international freight forwarding, moving services and land truck services.

We provide safe and speedy transportation of consignments to our customers through high commitment, which stated in our vision, mission and business culture.

our vision

“Become a world class freight company that make great contribution to build great civilizations all around the world”

our mission

  • Character: KIF Mover & Log prioritizes characters on top of the other, as driven by reliable human resource character would emerge excellent process and produce outstanding results.
  • Competence: KIF Mover & Log views that human resource competencies are extremely important to provide quality service, on time, well targeted and appropriate response.
  • Customer: Customer satisfaction through sustainable optimum processes creates the competitive positioning of KIF Mover & Log services. This will be our highest treatment to fulfill our clients’ requirements consistently.
  • Environment: KIF Mover & Log concerns environment as a very important aspect, which delivers incredible influence to the organization and its components including office, employees, families and societies environments in order to create balanced work process and its results.

our culture

“Our culture based on rules and local wisdom such as norm and ethics, which are transformed to become our strength to be actively involved in global and international domains.”

" A team aligned behind a vision will move mountains."

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